As a young parent I became fascinated by how my child learned to communicate, with me, and with everyone else she met.  Long before words came, I loved to watch her facial expressions, sounds and gestures developing in order to tell me something, whether it was hunger, something new she had seen, or to tell me that the cat looked beautiful painted in yoghurt! 


Inspired by Speech and Language Therapy as a profession, I went on to study Human Communication at DeMontfort University, graduating with honours in 2002.  


I started work as a Speech and Language Therapist with the NHS in 2003, and after experiencing the full range of children’s communication needs and their provision, in 2012 I became Principal therapist managing the whole Isle of Wight caseload for the NHS and the Local Council.  I set up in independent practice in 2015 following that role and am excited about being able to offer my advice or services to the people who need it. 



"Communication and language skills are vital for learning, socialising and expressing emotions and ideas."


Modern studies show  that  these  skills  develop  best through everyday interactions with the people in our lives and that focusing on those around a child with difficulties, a holistic approach, is the ideal approach.  


My career  has  been  spent  helping  parents  and professionals learn how to adapt their communication style for the benefit of all children, to improve their speech and language skills and most importantly, build their confidence to communicate with the wider world.


I've found that in many situations, particularly with young children, parents and carers just need some words of wisdom to feel confident that they are doing the right things.  Some children however, do need some extra help in the form of therapy and I am able to advise if specialist intervention would be beneficial, provide it if required, or help you to access the free services available on the Island.


If you feel I can help you, your child or a child you work with,  please contact me for friendly advice via email or by phone. You can read more about the services I provide, find my favourite resources and contact form on the rest of the site.



Becky Revert