Isle Talk is the home of Becky Revert, an Independent Speech and Language Therapist based on the Isle of Wight

Speech, Language and Communication skills are fundamental for learning, socialising and expressing emotions and ideas. It is vital that children who are experiencing difficulties in these areas are given the support they need from everyone around them.  Speech and language therapy can help, either in the form of direct therapy or by supporting others to understand how communication difficulties impact upon daily life and learning. 


  As well as free consultation through phone or email, Becky is

able to provide a range of services including comprehensive

assessment, intervention and training for parents, settings and schools.




" Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say. "

Rosemary Crossley

Becky has extensive experience working with the full range of children's Speech, Language and Communication needs, including speech difficulties, language delay/disorder, stammering, selective mutism, mental health and social interaction difficulties.  She has worked across all ages, from 0 to 19 years and in all settings.

Becky Revert BSc (Hons) MRSCLT HCPC Reg MASLTIP

01983 562 272

07825 736 179

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