Unsure about your child's speech and language development?

Perhaps they are not using as many words as their friends or their speech is unclear.

Do they find it difficult to explain something or stumble over their words?


Situations like these do not necessarily mean there is a problem, all children have their own unique path to mastering these complex life skills and there is a very broad range of normal development. Some children just like to take their time! 


You can check your child's speech and language development up to 11 years old using the progress checkers on www.talkingpoint.org.uk.


However, if you feel that more help may be required you can contact me for a free phone or email consultation to discuss your concerns, get some practical advice and an expert opinion on whether speech and language therapy support may be beneficial.



What to expect from a first face to face appointment


If you decide that you would like further support, you can expect to be seen within two weeks of your enquiry at a time to suit you.


It is usually best to see children in their own home where they are most familiar with their environment.  It usually takes 60-90 mins and will involve -


  • A discussion around your concerns and your expectations                                       

  • Taking a case history to gain a full picture of your child's development including early milestones and medical history.

  • Assessment of your child's speech and language skills. With younger children, it is likely that assessment will take place through play or using simple pictures. Formal assessment will be used as appropriate.

  • Discussion around the results and how best to support your child. 



After an initial appointment


I provide a range of the following services-


  • Full report with recommendations

  • Help with referral to the NHS/Education SLT services

  • Private therapy which can be arranged at a time and venue to suit you.

  • Follow up phone call to see how things are progressing.

  • Liaison with other key professionals around your child, such as Early Years Practitioners, Class Teacher or other Speech and Language Therapists involved.