Effective language and communication are fundamental skills that enable children to successfully access the curriculum. In the classroom, spoken language is the primary medium through which teachers teach and children learn. Language development is accepted as being critical to cognitive development (Ican 2008) 


Speech, Language and Communication needs (SLCN)  have been identified as the largest area of SEN in schools with 23% of statements/EHC plans identifying SLCN as a need.  Up to 50% of children entering school have some form of SLCN, some of which is associated with poverty and disadvantage.  The Rose Review (2006) highlights the importance of good communication skills, not just for literacy but for all areas of the curriculum including children's behaviour and social development. 


The new Ofsted Common Inspection Framework states how inspectors will pay particular attention to how schools identify and support children with SEN and those deemed to be disadvantaged.



Services for schools


As well as free consultation to discuss how your school will benefit from an enhanced focus on speech, language and communication, Becky is able to deliver a bespoke Independent Speech and Language Therapy Service for Schools.  This can enable schools, at a time of shrinking local authority and NHS budgets, to access assessments, training and specific interventions in a timely manner, provided by a specialist in SLCN.


With over 10 years experience working as a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in Education services, Becky is well placed to provide a high quality service and can help your school to develop a comprehensive SEN support package around SLCN from identification of SLCN and intervention to whole school training.


Ican is a national charity concerned with children's communication at all levels.  It has produced a series of research papers that are evidence based and provide clear outlines for what is required to be an excellent setting for children.  I have included several relevant documents below, these and others are also available from Ican.org.uk



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