Speech, Language and Communication Consultancy based on the Isle of Wight

Speech, Language and Communication skills are fundamental for learning, socialising and expressing emotions and ideas. It is vital that children who are experiencing difficulties in these areas are given the support they need from everyone around them.  Speech and language therapy can help, either in the form of direct therapy or by supporting others to understand how communication difficulties impact upon daily life and learning.


Isletalk is able to offer free specialist phone and email consultation to parents, schools and professionals around children with concerns or an interest in childrens communication and language strategies.  We are constantly seeking funding so we can offer lower our fees for services beyond consultation such as therapy, mentoring and training courses.


With a highly experienced Speech and Language Therapist at the helm, Isletalk is able to offer an excellent range of advice, training and therapy options on the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas.


One of Isletalk's key objectives is awareness raising, the statistics around parent and professional understanding of childrens communication needs are alarming, and that is despite huge national efforts in recent years.


Isletalk was formed by to try and reverse these statistics in our local area, with a highly experienced and dedicated team, who are fully focused on providing efficient, easily accessible support, we are well placed to develop awareness and provide support to anyone with a concern, or who is interested in childrens Speech, Language and Communication.

Isletalk is a new way of accessing expert Speech, Language and Communication advice for Parents, Carers and Professionals around children.


We are a 'not for profit' Social enterprise with a wealth of experience to offer to anyone with a concern or an interest in their children's communication.

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You'll have to be patient with us, we're just starting out, but we are already always available via phone or email for friendly expert advice, apart from the phone call, it's free.

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